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Prodducts technique process

Step 1, Prepare TPU+PC raw case (Available case: clear case, matte case, round corner case, square case. Available phone models: for all iPhones and for Samsung models). 
Step 2, Print colors. Custom designs are acceptable.
Step 3, Paste magnet and do designs on it. (Customized designs is available)
Step 4, Add glitter or foil or the mother of pearl on the case.  (Customized designs is available)
Step 5, Drop epoxy resin to completely cover magnet, glitter, foil and the mother of pear. That is epoxy technique.

Part 3 What is Phenolic epoxy resin?

Phenolic epoxy resin, chemical equation: (C11H12O3) n, is a kind of high-molecular polymer. It is made by mixing A & B resin, non-toxic and harmless. Mixed resin will solidify after 12 hours. It is widely used in the following field, phone cases, phone ring stands, nameplates, solar panels, LED lights belts, car logo which is done by epoxy resin (like BMW, land rover, ford logo). Epoxy resin can be made into different hardness. The hardness of epoxy phone case is usually 75-80 degrees, so that the surface feels very comfortable, just like touching the baby's skin, elastic, non-sticky hands & dust and not easy to scratch. Meanwhile, the epoxy part can better protect the phone Because it will occur enough buffer when falling. Another advantage of epoxy resin products is that we can add many elements in epoxy resin, such as glitter, foil, dye, seashells, stone, dried flowers, wood chips, etc., when we do epoxy on the surface of PET, PC, PVC or other materials, which also builds more creative space for designers.

Part 4 MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

The epoxy technique is very flexible. Usually, we prepare various styles and various models of raw case. Under the condition of the raw case having stock, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 100PCS, accepting mixed models and patterns, but there is a scale price for different quantity.

Part 5 Eco-friendly

All materials used are environmental.  Pls download RHOS report.

Our company is a 17-year established factory in Shenzhen, China, with the plant area of 5,000 square meters, including 2,000 square meters dust-free workshop, 150 production staff, 20 quality staff, 10 R & D staff. Our company has professional techniques, large production capacity, strict quality control, fast delivery ability, powerful R & D ability. We can quickly turn customers' designs into products. Our position is to provide OEM/ODM for global brand owners or distributors. In order that you can get a better and faster understand of the products, we provide one-stop service, all the elements required for design can be downloaded, which can be directly put into AI software to design. All of the design elements' drawings are 1:1 layered.

Part 6 Custom logo
Available position
Plate-making cost/Price of logo
Color can be customized according to customer requirements
Transfer printing
Front, side, inside
Color can be customized according to customer requirements
Metal UP
Shining,high quality,but only gold, silver, black color available.
Side, inside
Print logo on material by laser, Logo will never fade away.
Effect pictures of different printing logo ways
Part 7 Weight & Package & Cartons & Shipping
Considering too many phone models, here are some examples of 6.1' and 6.7' phone case data.
Phone size
The net weight of phone case
Dimension of cartons(300pc phone case with opp bag)
360mm * 360mm * 430mm
1:Default Package: white opp bag
Custom Package: MOQ:3000pc.
2. our express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc., air freight, ocean freight.
3. Customer's logistic agents
360mm * 360mm * 430mm

Part 8 Trade terms & Payment terms

1. Trade terms: EXW

2. Payment terms: T/T, PayPal, L/C(if the business is big)

3. Currency: USD, (EUR, Pounds or HKD is also acceptable in special situation.)

Part 9 Warranties

1. Our company has been operating for 17 years. Quality is the foundation of our company. On the basis of ISO90001 quality system certification, all products are 100% inspected before shipment.

2. Welcome to assign the quality control personnel or third part to our factory to do inspection.

3. If the mass production does not match the sample, after confirmation by both parties, our company can replenish the goods for free.

Part 10 NDA(non-disclosure agreement)

We mainly serve the global brand customers. On the basis of the BSCI social responsibility system certification, we have very rich experience in the protection of customer information and won't show customer's designs or other confidential materials on the website, the exhibition or to third party under any circumstances. Both parties can sign NDA. Once found we violate a treaty, we can follow the rules of NDA and make compensation.

Part 11 Patents & Certifications

We have Chinese certificate of design patent for this products.

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